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Tools and Tutorials

Whether you came here with your own data or discovered a dataset among our data resources, this curated list of tools and tutorials can help you make the most of your data. A subset of useful information about each resource is included on this page, but more information (including links how to gain access to it) can be found by clicking on the resource's name.

Title Type Description Programming Languages
Data Science Services Workshop: Screen Scraping: A Hands-on Introduction Tutorial

Tutorial for scraping websites in Python. Part of a Data Science Services workshop series by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

DiRT: Digital Research Tools List

A list of digital research tools categorized by research activity/purpose, including content management, data visualization, network analysis, statistical analysis, and more

R, Python, MATLAB
ggplot2 Tool

R library for visualization and plotting

Github Markdown Tutorial Tutorial

Introduction to markdown

H2O Training List

Tutorials and code for implementing various machine learning techniques using

Python, R Vignettes List

A list of various tutorials on implementing machine learning techniques using

Python, R
Interactive data for the web - Bokeh for web developers Tutorial

Tutorial for using Bokeh, a Python visualization library. Includes slides, video, and Jupyter Notebooks. (Targeted at web developers but suitable for a wider audience.) Created by Sarah Bird.

Jupyter Notebook Tool

Browser-based application for a number of different programming languages (including Julia, Python, and R) that can be used to facilitate open and reproducible science by combining live code,... more

Python, R, Julia, MATLAB
Materials for the Data Science Services statistical software workshops from the Institute For Quantitative Social Science at Harvard List

List of tutorials from workshops hosted by the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University

R, Python
NU Linguistics Lab Documentation and Tutorials Tutorial

Basic tutorials for automating speech signal analysis