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We're headed to Boston!

After our warm receptions and great conversations in Denver (for the APA convention) and Philadelphia (for CogSci 2016), we're excited to announce that we'll be attending the annual meetings of SCiP and the Psychonomic Society in Boston this November.  We'll be giving a talk to SCiP on Thursday (November 17) and then take part in a poster session on Saturday evening (November 19).  Swing by to say hi, pick up a free pen, and talk with us about big data in cognitive science!

New Featured Project: Dave Vinson on using Yelp to understand cognition

Dave Vinson Our second interview in our Featured Project series is live! In this article, we talk with Dave Vinson (right), a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Merced. He discusses his exciting new work using Yelp to explore sequential dependence. While previous work in sequential dependence tends to focus on low-level perceptual effects, he and his coauthors used Yelp to demonstrate sequential dependence even in much higher-level cognitive processes. Read the full interview here!

We're always looking for new Featured Projects! If you have suggestions, share them with us using our General Suggestions form -- we'd love to hear about them.

Get Inspired: Introducing Featured Projects

Big data offers cognitive scientists the opportunity to study human behavior and cognition in unprecedented ways.  We at the Center for Data on the Mind have already begun to provide the cognitive science community with invaluable data resources and helpful tutorials.  Our applicable fields categorization system can help guide researchers to the right dataset for them, but researchers who are new to this perspective may still be left wondering how to get started, how to deal with the new challenges of big data, and how to take full advantage of these unprecedented opportunities. We see providing this inspiration and guidance as the next major step in our mission.

Taking this next step, we're proud to introduce Featured Projects, a series of interviews with researchers who are actively bridging the gap between big data and cognitive science.  We're reaching out to researchers across disciplines and experience levels to ask them about their experiences. We hope these interviews will provide inspiration, prime creativity, and give useful advice on every stage of the scientific process.

Tom StaffordFor our first Featured Project, we interviewed Tom Stafford from the University of Sheffield (right) about how he used records from massive numbers of players from an online game to study skill acquisition. Read the full interview to hear about his recommendations to new adventurers in big data, his experience dealing with the peer review process, and more.

We're already working on more Featured Projects, and we'll be rolling them out every month or so to reflect the range of exciting work being done across cognitive science.  If you have suggestions about future Featured Projects, share them with us using our General Suggestions form -- we'd love to hear about them.

The Center's Inaugural Tour

This summer, the Center for Data on the Mind will be taking part in two of the flagship conferences for cognitive science and psychology. From August 4-7, we will be attending the APA annual convention in Denver, CO, where we'll have flyers available in the "Free-Take-One" booth. Later that week (August 10-13), you'll be able to find us at the annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society, where we'll have a poster at each session. Come find us and chat with us about the future of big data in cognitive science and psychology!

July 7, 2016