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Data Resources

Here you can find a list of all our data resources, including datasets, repositories, and lists. (More information on our taxonomy of data resources can be found on our About Us page.)

A subset of useful information about each resource is included on this page, but more information (including links, example publications, and how to gain access to it) can be found by clicking on the resource's name.

Title Type Description Applicable Fields
Bureau of Justice Statistics (U.S.): All Data Collections List

List of all data collections available through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.

behavior trends, crime, cultural trends, equality, gender, group behavior, law, political science, public policy, race
Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience Repository

Not-yet-available repository of data from a group studying aging and cognition through epidemiological, behavioral, and neuroimaging methods

aging, neuroscience, health psychology Database of Games Repository

Open repository of data on chess matches; specific type of content varies by dataset

decision making, expertise, learning
CHILDES Repository

Repository of multimodal data on child language and communication (subset of TalkBank)

social psychology, developmental psychology, language acquisition, communication, human interaction, behavioral contagion
Cognitive Modeling Repository Repository

Repository of datasets and computational models of cognition; only includes data from published, peer-reviewed articles

memory, decision making
Cohn-Kanade (CK and CK+) database Dataset

Datasets for training affect recognition and for perception studies

computer vision, affect, categorization, emotion, gender, vision, nonverbal communication, psychology, classification, individual differences, perception
College Scorecard Data Dataset

Dataset from the U.S. Department of Education that includes various metrics on outcomes from degree-granting undergraduate institutions from 1996-2015, including student debt, college completion rates, job placement, and more

educational psychology, culturomics, political psychology, economics, decision making
Complete Public Reddit Comments Corpus (2007-2015) Dataset

Complete dataset of public comments posted to Reddit ( comments from October 2007 to May 2015.

affect, affective contagion, argumentation, attention, behavioral contagion, cognitive psychology, collaboration, communication, competition, controversy, culture, debate, dynamical systems, emotion, expertise, group behavior, group identity, human interaction, computer-mediated communication, individual differences, informatics, interpersonal relationships, language, language use, network analysis, networks, persuasion, political psychology, political science, pragmatics, psychology, public policy, rhetoric, sentiment, social network analysis, social psychology, social sciences, social trends
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (US): Consumer Complaint Database Dataset

Data on nationwide complaints lodged with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including information on the product and the individual lodging the complaint

sentiment, network analysis, consumer behavior, decision making List

Links to language corpora (primarily English) from a variety of sources, including historical and contemporary uses from speeches, printed texts, and the internet

culturomics, linguistic trends, cultural evolution, language change, culture, political psychology