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Data Resources: Repositories and Lists

Here you'll find a list of all of the data resources that we classify as repositories or lists. A repository contains multiple separate datasets in a single interface, while a list is simply a series of links to repositories or individual datasets. (More information on our taxonomy of data resources can be found on our About Us page.)

A subset of useful information about each resource is included on this page, but more information (including links, example publications, and how to gain access to it) can be found by clicking on the resource's name.

Title Type Description Applicable Fields
Office for National Statistics (UK) Repository

Various government datasets from the United Kingdom

culturomics, economics, psychology, social psychology, political psychology, health psychology, law, cultural trends, culture
Online Speech/Corpora Archive and Analysis Resource Repository

Repository of speech data

language production, language comprehension, communication, group identity, linguistic variation
Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) Repository

Repository of structural MRI data

Open Data Stack Exchange List

Stack Exchange for the discussion and publicizing of open data.

OpenfMRI Repository

Repository for sharing and storing raw structural, functional, and diffusion MRI data

openMorph List

List of datasets suitable for brain morphology research

Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Opinion Spam Detection List

List of datasets used to study opinion mining, sentiment analysis, and opinion spam detection

sentiment, network analysis, language, imitation, inference, rhetoric, economics, decision making, consumer behavior, communication, behavior trends, behavioral contagion, gender, persuasion, debate, political psychology, affect, argumentation
Pecan Street Data Port Repository

Curated repository of datasets about consumer energy behavior

decision making, economics, behavioral contagion, behavior change, social psychology, consumer behavior
Pew Research Repository

Data from numerous Pew surveys

social sciences, law, health, economics, politics, public policy
PhyloPic Repository

Repository of silhouettes of living organisms and corresponding phylogenic taxonomy

categorization, category learning, vision