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Data Resources: Datasets

Here you can find a list of datasets, chunks of data on a single topic. (More information on our taxonomy of data resources can be found on our About Us page.)

A subset of useful information about each resource is included on this page, but more information (including links, example publications, and how to gain access to it) can be found by clicking on the resource's name.

Title Type Description Applicable Fields
Google Ngram Dataset

Databases of 1- to 5-grams from the Google Books Ngram project (with releases in 2012 and 2009), with digitized written sources from as early as 1800 across numerous languages

culturomics, linguistic trends, language growth, culture, cross-linguistic analysis
Google Trends Dataset

Google search data, available for download

behavioral contagion, affective contagion, culturomics, linguistic trends, language growth, culture, cultural trends, economics, political psychology, decision making, categorization, meme, information science
GosuGamers Dataset

Video data high-ranking matches for a number of popular video games (eSports), with additional statistics for each match

expertise, competition, collaboration, teamwork, decision making, social psychology (US): FFM QHP Landscape Files Dataset

Data on medical and dental insurance from

health psychology, economics, decision making
HUJI EgoSeg Dataset Dataset

Video data from head-mounted camera (first-person or egocentric perspective) during various tasks

visual attention, human interaction, motor behavior
Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones Data Set Dataset

Data on daily activities measured through smartphones' internal sensors

classification, motor behavior
ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database Dataset

Dataset with approximately 30 years' worth of information about companies and trusts in 10 offshore countries, including officer information and more

network analysis, economics, public policy, political psychology, political science, law, social trends
ICOfY Dataset

Historical data on chess matches

decision making, expertise, learning, competition
ImageNet Dataset

Database of images tagged with a hierarchical labeling structure, including information on image characteristics

categorization, classification, tagging, vision, learning, attention
Labeled Faces in the Wild Dataset

Dataset of over 13,000 images of faces (labeled with names) taken from the internet, including over 1,600 people with multiple pictures

computer vision, affect, categorization, emotion, gender, vision, nonverbal communication, psychology, classification, individual differences, perception