Workshop Live Stream

We're excited to announce that we'll be broadcasting the entire workshop live via YouTube to allow even more people to join in our workshop as remote participants. We'll even be providing access to workshop materials to remote participants so that everyone can follow along for free.

Joining in remotely

You'll be able to access the live stream on the YouTube channel for the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (part of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments), who will be hosting our workshop at the University of California, Berkeley.

We've worked together with Aaron Culich of Berkeley Research IT and Berkeley Research Computing to create a cloud-based environment that includes all data, code, and software for all tutorials in the workshop, thanks to a resource-use grant from XSEDE and Jetstream (funded by the NSF). This means that you won't have to download or reconfigure anything -- you'll just log into the server through your browser and jump right in!

How to join

If you are interested in attending, simply complete our remote participant registration form (below). It is completely free to attend, and we will continue accepting remote participants as long as we have available computation space to support them.

Because we are providing a fully prepared computational environment, we need to create an account for you to access it during the event. We will be checking the registration form during the event, but we recommend that you register by June 25 (Sunday) in order to ensure that you have access when the event begins. Please only register for the tutorials that you will definitely attend so that we can accurately anticipate our server needs. 

To register, you'll only need to provide your email address, current academic status, and type of affiliation. However, you are also welcome to provide additional information about yourself so that we can understand more about who's tuning in and how we can improve our future tutorials and workshops.

Once you've registered and have received your login information, follow the directions on the GitHub repository for getting started on the server, and check out the Berkeley Institute for Data Science's YouTube channel for our the video stream. If you're on Twitter, let everyone know you're here with our event hashtag: #dataonthemind